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Our values

Huaxin Company is committed to the development and application of sophisticated products, new technologies, and new processes, and the product standards of Huaxin Company’s permanent magnet motor have been identified as the industry standards by the state, enhancing popularity and core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Industry concept:

Dare to fight, good at competition, vigorous and resolute, endeavor in pragmatic way, united and pioneering, and always create great business

Operation concept:

Innovate, keep faith, standardize, unite, strive for wealth, and compete 

Management concept:

Harmony in diversity, united with one heart and one mind

Innovative concept:

Know to change, seek change and surpass self

Learning concept:

Education is the biggest investment for an enterprise, and training is the biggest welfare for employees

System concept:

The enterprise is managed by regulations and the system is above the rights.

Work concept:

Pursue first-class quality and efficiency

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